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Hello and welcome to The Noble Practitioner, an online store where you will find products that are learning aids with a conscious. Not only can these products be utilized as a daily reminder of The Buddha's Teachings but you would also be practicing generosity with each purchase for those in need. This store was founded in 2022 and we will be adding more products so please check back often. Feel free to send us your input and new product suggestions.

This website and shop were created for the benefit of sharing The Teachings of Gotama Buddha with the world as a form of Right Livelihood.

Coach Nick, owner and operator of TheNoblePractitioner.org, was an Army Intelligence Pilot that discovered The Buddha's Teachings and has since seen significant improvements in his life after first choosing to learn, reflect, and practice. Because of what has been observed in improvements to the condition of his mind and life, he has developed a sincere interest in helping The Teachings of The Buddha reach a wider and wider audience. Upon first discovering The Path to Enlightenment, he found it a real challenge to find products that are representative of The Buddha's true image and Teachings. Therefore, The Noble Practitioner online store was created to fill this gap with evergreen products for others that are timeless.

In 2021, Nick traveled to Thailand in the middle of covid when restrictions were high and entry to foreign lands was not easily obtainable. He felt a need to visit a Buddhist land to experience what it's like to be engrossed with the people there.

We would like to share that Coach Nick is a martial artist, family man, father, and a Buddhist Practitioner that is active on The Path to Enlightenment. He is a Senior Member of the Daily Wisdom Sangha. For his public wisdom Teachings that are offered openly and freely to all beings, visit www.FaceBook.com/NicholasGerace.5d

Learning aids with a conscious:

Twenty Percent (20%) of our proceeds in sales from The Noble Practitioner Gift Shop will be donated to charities consisting of orphanages, homeless shelters, and organizations that support the continuation of The Teachings of The Buddha such as:
- Support for less fortunate individuals’ fees to become Ordained Practitioners
- Purchase of books and resources that share The Teachings of The Buddha
- Support of events such as courses and retreats that share The Teachings of The Buddha

The Noble Eightfold Path may be categorized as Wisdom, Moral Conduct, and Mental Discipline, but the way of Practice for active progress is through Generosity, Moral Conduct, and Meditation. With every purchase, you would in turn be practicing generosity. 

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