Practicing Generosity in daily life and Breathing Mindfulness Meditation are the antidotes to Craving. A craving is a mental longing with a strong eagerness. These are desires, attachments, wants, and expectations of things to be a certain way. When decisions, speech, and actions are made based on cravings, unwholesome outcomes are to be expected. Cravings lead to unwholesome results. You could instead choose to learn Breathing Mindfulness Meditation for free from a Teacher here

Practicing Loving-kindness in daily life and Loving-kindness Meditation are the remedy to Anger. Anger is a poison of the mind and may be described as hatred, hostility, ill-will, resentment, and even on the lower side of the spectrum as simple annoyances, frustrations or irritation. You can learn Loving-kindness Meditation for free from a Teacher here:

To “setup Mindfulness in front of you” and ease the mind into meditation, you could learn Buddhist chanting in Pali here:

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